More integrated mobile devices, please!

The effects of ICT on wellbeing have previously been based on mere guesswork, but now we’ve conducted the first study on the topic. The results show that ICT wellbeing is crucial, as proved by the nearly hundred company decision makers who answered our poll.

Everyone knows what it feels like when mobile devices don’t work – when the mobile ticket doesn’t load with the inspector standing next to you, or when Skype won’t cooperate when the meeting is about to start. “Damn this technology!” you might be heard cursing.

We at Data-Info have long believed that ICT enables smooth everyday life and thus also wellbeing. But how do workplace solutions affect wellbeing at work? That’s what we set out to discover on our first study about ICT wellbeing.

The topic hasn’t been researched much, nor has there been wide discussion. That’s why in the spring of 2018, we conducted a poll together with an independent market research company, Taloustutkimus. We mapped out how Finnish company decision makers view the subject, and what elements actually form ICT wellbeing.

ICT increases wellbeing at work

Our study shows that employee satisfaction is mostly affected by

  • the ability to work regardless of time and place
  • the freedom to choose devices
  • unrestricted mobile use
  • the opportunity to use work devices outside work

Therefore we can say that wellbeing arises from ICT solutions that both support work and make everyday life easier.

Our study shows that organisations are divided in two: those that handle ICT matters well, and those that struggle with them. What’s most surprising is that over a quarter (27 %) of participants saw ICT as a constant problem and source of stress in their organization.

The percentage is significant, considering it deals with employee wellbeing. As we’ve previously stated on this blog, satisfied employees lead to a successful company. Our study confirms this view and shows that companies that see ICT as a necessary evil are falling behind, whereas those that pay attention to ICT can achieve significant advantage.

Data-Info = The messenger of ICT wellbeing

This recent poll is important to our work at Data-Info, because it confirms our belief that ICT is first and foremost an opportunity that makes a significant difference in the operability and success of companies. The results also show that our work is needed.

ICT is first and foremost an opportunity that makes a significant difference in the operability and success of companies.

We want to utilize these results by acting as messengers into the world. Backed by research data about people’s needs, we can more confidently speak for the subject and develop even better services for work in the future. We’re planning to renew the poll annually, so we can gather information about the effects of our work on companies and ICT wellbeing.

The importance of ICT wellbeing is more than notable. Now we know with certainty that satisfied people need devices and services that work smoothly and don’t require constant attention.

So what do you say: should we fix those integrated mobile devices for your company as well?

You can ready the summary of our poll here.