Fan experience, taken to the next level – Ilves

Ilves and Telia started cooperating in the fall of 2017. Their common goal was to find new ways to enrich watching ice hockey in ice rinks and at home with digital tools.

First, the Ilves-Klubi, a restaurant and hangout space at the ice rink in Hakametsä, Tampere, utilised Spotify Business: the service easily enables playing background music. At the same time, Ilves published their official profile and first playlist on Spotify.

“Spotify Business allows Ilves to highlight our long history through music. We’ve revamped Ilves-Klubi, and in the future we can organise theme nights by playing music that’s played in games during different decades. Our supporters get a chance to follow our match days and players’ everyday life through our Spotify profile”, says the CEO of Ilves-Hockey, Risto Jalo.

Jalo says that the club has understood that music is an integral part of the game experience, and that it’s important to spectators.

”Music entertains, cheers, excites, and creates drama. Through music, you can relive your sports memories and deepen your fan experience by following and listening to the playlists of your favourite players”, Jalo says.

“Spotify Business allowed us to digitalise the control of background music. Our own profile and its playlists open entirely new opportunities as a social media, and in content marketing”, Jalo lists the benefits of the service.

Ilves’s Spotify profile is ranked third most popular from the world’s ice hockey teams – surpassed only by the New York Rangers and the Chicago Blackhawks.

Ilves’s playlists include a wide variety of songs that have played in matches from the 90s to today. They also promote playlists created by their players and coaches weekly.

”People have different tastes in music, but our official profile allows us to combine all to one playlist called “Kannattajien ääni”, the Sound of Supporters. This also helps our DJ, who plays music at the ice rink”, says the Account Manager of Ilves-Hockey, Jussi Kankaanpää.


Ilves wanted to find new ways to improve and digitalise the fan experience and their own brand.


Using Spotify Business has opened new doors for deepening and digitalising customer experience.


Spotify Business has digitalised background music management at Ilves-Klubi and the ice rink in Hakametsä. The service has brought new opportunities for social media and content marketing.

Ilves supporters can now listen to their favourite players’ playlists, affect the music that’s played at the ice rink, and relive their favourite moments through music. In addition to Spotify Business, getting a music license ensures that all legal matters are taken care of.