Telia Personal Work – products and services for your business

Telia Datainfo OY

A Pioneer in Personal Work

Telia Datainfo is a subsidiary owned entirely by Telia.

Devices for the unique needs of your business

We offer devices, services, and applications that allow companies of all sizes to enhance their operations and improve the efficiency of personnel, as well as make their work feel useful. We want to improve the ICT wellbeing of the personnel of our client companies and the digitalisation of personal work.

We sell our products under the Telia brand, but judicially are our own company. As a small company, we can easily respond to the challenges of the ever-changing mobile world while remaining stable with the help of our parent company. In recent years, our turnover, cost-effectiveness, and client satisfaction have grown notably.

At Telia Datainfo, we believe that people who are happy in their work create a successful company. Working life is increasingly mobile and changing, which requires proper tools and services. The freedom to affect the tools we use increases happiness, and that’s why we offer solutions that adapt to the needs of the individual. We help you wherever you work, be it at the office, at the airport, or at home.