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Full-service, please

Digital is the new black, so if you haven’t brought your company up to date yet, today’s the day. Functional services increase work comfort and efficiency. By transferring your company’s device purchases, application selection, and user services to skilled professionals you can enjoy the best full-service in the digital world every day.

We enable personal work

We believe that although IT might sound boring, it increases wellbeing and creates a company’s success. Personalising work to fit employees’ personal life increases their motivation and commitment. Proper tools are essential so you can work anywhere, anytime. Take control of applications, devices, accessories, and user services to enable a more personal way to work for your company.


Hello! Can you hear me?

At times, the office can feel like a circus where you are constantly interrupted by questions about this and comments about that. All the hustle and bustle makes it difficult to concentrate and that’s why you need excellent headsets to ensure you get to work in peace.

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Telia is helping the startup company grow

MeetingPackage has done exactly what is expected of today’s startup companies: they’ve fast expanded internationally. The company is on the rise and needs proper tools to take the world by storm. They found that from Telia.

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We Handle Management and Security

Two years ago, Auraprint started looking for a partner that could offer mobile device management that is simple, easy, and swiftly updated – devices and services included. They found that in Telia who could fulfil all needs by combining mobile device management with Telia’s lifecycle service.

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Devices and Accessories

Phones | Workstations | Tablets | Accessories | DaaS

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