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Choose, order, use – and upgrade

Technology is constantly evolving, so laptops and phones need to be upgraded every couple of years. When you buy your devices as a service, upgrading them to new ones is easy, and you don’t have to battle with that sorry old device. We’ll support you through the entire lifecycle of your device from choosing the right one and introducing it to your company, to when you have to change it.

Support through the entire lifecycle

Knowing how to recycle old devices can be a handful, so they tend to just gather dust in storage. Include us on the entire lifecycle of your device and get a better picture of all stages of ownership from buying the device to recycling and eventually introducing a new one. When you buy your device as a service, we handle the recycling and secure wiping of information while you’re already exploring the wonders of your new device.

Get to know our services and take control of the entire lifecycle.