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F-Secure PSB | Device Management


Mobile security threats have come to a stage where they can no longer be ignored. Gartner predicts that by 2019, a third of the worlds malware will be directed towards mobile devices.

Not a single organization is immune to malware. The weakest link determines the level of security for the whole company. You can minimize the risks by protecting all your devices and taking the responsibility away from the end-users.

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MUltiLAyered Security

Malware Protection

  • A bare protection is not enough, if your company does not have a uniform device management – how will you make sure that all devices are protected and up to date?
  • Consumer level services like F-Secure Safe, only include this feature. On a business level you need more.

Device management

  • Device management is a requirement for a business level device security
  • By having a uniform management, you make sure that all the company’s devices are protected and up to date while also being able to handle potential threats remotely.
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F-Secure Protection Service for Business

The internet is full of security threats that you need to protect your devices against. Coffee shops and office cafeterias might have Wi-Fi, but unfortunately they’re often unprotected. The F-Secure Protection Service for Business ensures that your work flow stays effortless, because it offers the best protection for any device.

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What are ICT problems made of?

According to the ICT study recently commissioned by Telia, ICT is a constant problem within as much as a third of all companies. A good question to ask then, as most people know that there is a direct correlation between well-functioning ICT and success, is why doesn’t every company fix their ICT issues?

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Good, Better, Knox

Samsung Knox is often titled the world’s safest mobile operating system. Governments all over the world rely on Samsung Knox, including the Finnish state administration. But what sets it apart from other similar systems?

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Who’s afraid of GDPR?

Everyone’s heard of GDPR and especially of the hefty fines that ignoring the regulation carries. Panic doesn’t improve information security, but a couple of easy steps do.

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