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Palvelut parantamaan yhteistyötä ja tuottavuutta

Tuottavimmat työntekijät ovat nykyään yrityksille todellinen kilpailuetu, sillä he ovat luovia ja osallistuvia liiketoiminnan ammattilaisia, jotka saavat aikaan muutoksia.

Sisältöä on voitava siirtää helposti eri osapuolten välillä, mutta samalla yhteistyö ulkopuolisten konsulttien, kumppaneiden ja asiakkaiden kanssa on oltava myös turvallista. Uusimmat Microsoftin palvelut skaalautuvat yrityksesi tarpeisiin. Autamme mielellämme perehdytyksessä, alkuasennuksessa ja asetusten määrityksessä sekä siirtymisessä pilviympäristöön.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 offers a unique mix of productivity, data security and enterprise mobility management. It combines the familiar Office 365 with Windows 10, which will make your employees’ work safer and more convenient than ever. 

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Office 365

Long gone are the days when you need too be at the office next to your desk to get anything done. By using Office 365, you can get your work done whenever – wherever, whether you are using your phone or your laptop. With Office 365, time and space are no longer a limiting factor.

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What are ICT problems made of?

According to the ICT study recently commissioned by Telia, ICT is a constant problem within as much as a third of all companies. A good question to ask then, as most people know that there is a direct correlation between well-functioning ICT and success, is why doesn’t every company fix their ICT issues?

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Who’s afraid of GDPR?

Everyone’s heard of GDPR and especially of the hefty fines that ignoring the regulation carries. Panic doesn’t improve information security, but a couple of easy steps do.

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How to avoid pitfalls in information security

It’s easy to forget that malware not only threatens your computer, but also your smart phone. Did you know that in 2017, the number of malware on mobile devices grew 200 percent? Many think they’re using their phone safely, but still step into pitfalls that could easily be avoided.

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Reference cases

Office 365 helps to run the hospital clown operations

Although outwardly the operations of the hospital clowns look like a lot of foolery, it takes a great deal of organisation to keep the big clown shoes moving. To keep their operations in check, the Hospital Clowns Association acquired the Microsoft Office 365 package from Telia to help them.

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