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The rescuers of telework 

Teleworking is almost impossible without seamless data communications – which, in turn, are only possible with efficient network access. At Telia Data-Info, we proclaim ourselves to be the rescuers of telework!  

We offer secure network connection services to ensure an efficient and stress-free workday for the telecommuter. You’ll be able to work from your sofa at home, or even from the beach, and you won’t have to worry about the Internet not working.

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Goodspeed works all over the world 

Goodspeed is a device as a service for roaming abroad, offering a secure connection with predictable costs.  

4GaaS offers mobile hotspots in Finland 

4G as a Service is a mobile hotspot service for use in Finland. The service includes a router, Internet access with your choice of speed, and customer and maintenance services.

Globetrotter, you have the Internet in your pocket 

Gone are the days when working abroad meant your Internet connection kept breaking up and you paying a sky-high price for the pleasure. Telia Data-Info’s Goodspeed is a device as a service for roaming that allows you to use the Internet wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, securely and with predictable costs.  

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The 4G service makes teleworking as easy as child’s play  

At last you’ll have broadband anywhere you go, and also reliable connectivity outside the office. 4G as a Service – or 4GaaS for short – is a service for an employee’s home connection or a travelling employees’ connection is. It’s an efficient mobile broadband service that’s easy to use.

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How to ensure your phone survives vacation

Phones don’t always keep up with your active summer lifestyle ­­– your day at the beach could easily result in dropping your phone in water or burying it in sand. Handy accessories protect your phone from summer’s wear and tear.  

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Cords and adapters everywhere

Completely wireless computers and cell phones are still a distant dream. Yet we often forget the accessories that enable using these devices and that we’d be lost without.

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5 tips for working from home when your child is sick

Nothing tests the benefits of cloud services, laptops, and internet connection like your child getting sick. And yes, sometimes it’s best to just stay home and take care of the little one.

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