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A new way of purchasing

Our portal is so much more than just a regular web shop. You can handle purchases, order repairs, manage your devices and a lot more – all in one place.

If you are looking for a brand new type of purchasing, DaaS – Device as a Service – is a cost efficient and predictable purchase model compared to leasing or buying.

The Datainfo Portal

Orders, device & user management, repairs and much more – all in one place.

Keep your information up to date – all the information about your organizations devices and services available all the way to the end-user level.


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Technology is constantly evolving, so laptops and phones need to be upgraded every couple of years. When you buy your devices as a service, upgrading them to new ones is easy, and you don’t have to battle with that sorry old device. We’ll support you through the entire lifecycle of your device from choosing the right one and introducing it to your company, to when you have to change it.


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More integrated mobile devices, please!

The effects of ICT on wellbeing have previously been based on mere guesswork, but now we’ve conducted the first study on the topic. The results show that ICT wellbeing is crucial, as proved by the nearly hundred company decision makers who answered our poll.

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