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User Services

You don’t need to do it all yourself

The more we use mobile devices, the more we need user services for them. Don’t hoard all work for yourself when you could outsource some to skilled professionals. Buying the device as a service gets you maintenance, information security, device renewal, and recycling. To say it better: Our service gets you more.

Our priorities are ease and security

Our computers and smartphones are smarter than ever, but their lifecycle is also shorter and information security risks greater. When you utilise our extensive user services, you don’t have to sacrifice security or ease. Our user services make buying, introducing, and using devices easy for their entire lifecycle.

Get to know our services and buy the ones that best fit your company.


Good, Better, Knox

Samsung Knox is often titled the world’s safest mobile operating system. Governments all over the world rely on Samsung Knox, including the Finnish state administration. But what sets it apart from other similar systems?

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Who’s afraid of GDPR?

Everyone’s heard of GDPR and especially of the hefty fines that ignoring the regulation carries. Panic doesn’t improve information security, but a couple of easy steps do.

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Reference cases

More efficient working days for clients and own personnel

When a company offers and supports better working days as a service, it’d be weird if they didn’t take their own advice. That’s why Blue Meteorite decided to rent their employees’ devices from Telia.

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