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Brand new phones and computers, always

You can forget complaining about outdated devices that constantly need upgrading, when your company gets everything from the same place. Even though you get devices for everyone at the same time, not everyone has to get the same model. This way, each employee can utilise tools that best suit them and that are always up to date. It’ll make work that much smoother.

No ownership required

You don’t necessarily need to own everything you use. We’re used to leasing our cars, so why not buy your computers and cell phones as a service? It’s easy and includes practical maintenance and comprehensive insurance. The best thing is, when you pay a fixed monthly fee for all devices, predicting costs is effortless. Get to know our devices and buy or rent the best ones for you.

We also offer a wide selection of accessories to personalize each laptop, cell phone, and tablet for the users’ personal needs.



What is Included:

  • Device
  • Delivery in Finland
  • Maintenance service
  • Insurance
  • Devices are safely recycled after the contract period, taking into consideration the businesses information security.
  • Information security, extended warranty and pre-installation for computers
  • Customer service


Reference cases

Telia is helping the startup company grow

MeetingPackage has done exactly what is expected of today’s startup companies: they’ve fast expanded internationally. The company is on the rise and needs proper tools to take the world by storm. They found that from Telia.

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