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Lifecycle Services

an easy user experience

Have you always wanted a smooth and simple user experience? Our comprehensive lifecycle services for mobile and workstations is the answer to your prayers; from cradle to grave, we’ve got your device covered. We’ll support you through the entire lifecycle of your device, from choosing the right one and introducing it to your company, to when you have to change and recycle it. As a customer you can focus on getting everything out of your device, we will handle the rest.

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Mobile & WOrkstation lifecycle services include:


Devices can be delivered pre-installed and ready to use, with organization-specific applications


We are able to do next-day deliveries


If anything happens to your device, you can easily order the repair through our portal or by calling our customer service


We recycle your old devices securely and ecologically


Tell us what you need, we deliver your devices pre-installed and ready to use.

The time where users needed to manually configure their devices is over. We take care of all your pre-installation needs in advance, according to your needs. When the device arrives, it is ready to use straight out of the box.


pre-installation service COmponents

Depending on your device and operating system, the following components are availible to make up your own custom pre-installation service:

  • Organization- & user-specific applications
  • Pre-configured settings and e-mail service (Exchange)
  • Customized user interface
  • Installation of MDM-software
  • Installation of certificates
  • Security configurations
  • Connectivity configurations
  • Organization-specific user guide
  • Installation of phone case
  • Installation of screen protector
  • Installation of SIM-card
  • Custom stickers (usernames, brand logos, contact information etc.)
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Fast delivery

The demand of a new device is usually urgent, and every day you wait slows down your work. This is why we deliver orders instantly. Your device will always be delivered as according to agreement.

When you place an order, the device is usually in your hand on the next business day. If your need is even more urgent, we have courier services who can deliver your order in a matter of hours.


Pick a delivery option to suit your needs

Precision Delivery

The order is delivered to the specified location at the specified time. Orders are unpacked and packaging material will be disposed of.

Precision Delivery with On-Site installation

The order is delivered to the specified location at the specified time. Orders are unpacked and packaging material will be disposed of. The devices will be connected, set-up and turned on. Initialization will be done according to agreement.

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DOn’t Worry, our repair service has your back

Are you struggling with broken or defect devices? In those scenarios, a knowledgeable and professional repair service is worth its weight in gold. In addition to the warranty covered maintenance we also offer extended warranty for your devices.

Remember that we usually combine the repair service with the pre-installation services and in these cases when the repaired device returns to you, it always comes pre-installed and ready to use.

Backup devices

What kind of repair solution is the right for you? We can customize the repair service with even more with backup devices during your repair period.

As an extension to this service we are also able to pick up the faulty device and return it to you after it has been repaired. If you would like to deliver the faulty devices by yourself, we will provide you with suitable packing material and delivery labels.

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Recycling is the final stop

At some point when the device says adios at the end of its lifecycle, we step in and handle the recycling and disposal according to strict security standards.

Usually large batches of devices are recycled simultaneously. The devices are always collected into securely sealed bins which can either be delivered to or picked up by us.

Wiping the devices

When the devices have arrived at our facilities, we send an extensive report of the procedures along with all serial numbers that have been processed.

During the wiping process, hard drives will either be erased or crushed

  • Erasing means a secure recycling, where we use the worlds leading erasure software – Blancco.
  • If the hard drives are crushed, they are delivered to a certified and secure crushing plant.
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