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F-Secure Protection
Service for Business


Live More, Worry Less

The internet is full of security threats that you need to protect your devices against. Coffee shops and office cafeterias might have Wi-Fi, but unfortunately they’re often unprotected. The F-Secure Protection Service for Business ensures that your work flow stays effortless, because it offers the best protection for any device.

The Worthwhile Cyber Protection

The only constant in cyber security is change, and outdated information security equals having no security at all. F-Secure guarantees that you always use the latest version. It not only blocks viruses: it also checks that no stone in information security remains unturned by warning you of harmful or outdated applications.  

Activating F-Secure is easy, and it can be used through a management portal that covers your entire company. The online portal gives you an overview of the security status of all departments and stores the necessary tools for managing and protecting your devices. The anti-theft feature keeps you present, even long-distance. Say your employee loses their phone on their way to work. You can lock or wipe the device remotely through the online portal, ensuring that no one can reach your valuable company data.


F-Secure PSB introduction guide