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Services for People on the Go

You’re constantly on the go at work, so your devices need to keep up with applications that work across devices and situations: On your computer at the office, on your cell phone in the cab, and on your tablet during lunch. The right apps ensure you carry everything with you without being fixed to a certain time, place, or device.


Apps for Everyday Life

Whatever your work-related need, there’s an app for that. Applications merge your computer, smartphone, and tablet into a do-it-all tool that allows you to message colleagues during remote work or attend meetings from across the globe. Having access to all information on all devices makes life that much easier.

We’ll also protect you from viruses, so you can work knowing that nothing can mess with your flow. Take a closer look at our apps and make everyday life effortless.


How to avoid pitfalls in information security

It’s easy to forget that malware not only threatens your computer, but also your smart phone. Did you know that in 2017, the number of malware on mobile devices grew 200 percent? Many think they’re using their phone safely, but still step into pitfalls that could easily be avoided.

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Reference cases

Office 365 helps to run the hospital clown operations

Although outwardly the operations of the hospital clowns look like a lot of foolery, it takes a great deal of organisation to keep the big clown shoes moving. To keep their operations in check, the Hospital Clowns Association acquired the Microsoft Office 365 package from Telia to help them.

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Reference cases

Fan experience, taken to the next level – Ilves

Ilves and Telia started cooperating in the fall of 2017. Their common goal was to find new ways to enrich watching ice hockey in ice rinks and at home with digital tools.

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