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Mobile Identity Management

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Easy Verification

When a company controls devices, applications and content in a centralised way, the next potential step is to adopt Mobile Identity Management. Mobile Identity Management (MIM) is a service that allows the company to authenticate the identity of the user and allows that user to log in to all the cloud computing services the company uses with a single sign-on. In other words, the user’s identity is tied to the application and device. Why use ten passwords when one will do? 

Excellent information security 

Mobile Identity Management brings the single sign-on we all know from computers to mobile devices. When a user logs in to a device with their username and password, they automatically log in also to the cloud computing services used by the company.  

MIM utilises two-stage authentication, i.e. multifactor authentication (MFA) to ensure information security. The mobile phone has a separate application similar to the PIN applications used by banks, which can be used to authenticate the log-in request, if appropriate.

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