How to ensure your phone survives vacation

Phones don’t always keep up with your active summer lifestyle ­­– your day at the beach could easily result in dropping your phone in water or burying it in sand. Handy accessories protect your phone from summer’s wear and tear.  

Summer: a blissful time for you, but not so much for your phone. It’s no wonder that water damage and broken screens are common during the summer, or that some even use a separate vacation phone to avoid worrying about damaging the device. Although good maintenance can fix most damage, it’s still wise to take precautions to make sure your phone lives to see the summer and beyond.

Here are my best tips for your summer vacation:

  1. A tough case to crack

Protective cases save the carefree cell phone user. At worst, I’ve dropped my phone from a moving bike straight onto the ground and have it come out without a single crack – all thanks to a shockproof case. Phone cases come in all shapes, sizes, and colours; some want slim and sleek, while others look for sturdy models. For all of summer’s activities, choose a hardcore model like a floating, shockproof case that’s waterproof to 30 metres deep – only exceptionally bad luck can get to your phone then.

If you’re looking for a shockproof case, I recommend the Tech21 collection from Otterbox. Many favor a flip case that protects your phone from back cover to screen and holds your most important cards. My favourite is the high-quality Dbramante1928 case. It’s comfortable, has good grip, and is made of leather that ages beautifully.

  1. Raise your glass

If you haven’t purchased a glass screen protector yet, I suggest this is the summer to do so. Strong adhesive glass protects the most critical part of your phone, namely the screen. Glass protectors are the best way to ensure that dents, scratches, and dirt don’t interfere with touch screen function. Our collection also carries Privacy filter protectors that keep your screen private. You can work on public transport without fellow passengers getting a view of your screen. I protect my phone with an extremely thin glass protector that’s barely noticeable: that’s how light and user-friendly it is.

  1. Power play

Vacations are perfect for trips, but they often take you to places where you can’t charge your phone. A separate powerbank is therefore a staple for every camper, tourist, and festival goer. The capacity of your powerbank depends on your needs – a 5,000 milliampere hour (mAh) powerbank charges your phone a couple of times, so it’s best for occasional use, whereas a 20,000 mAh device lasts even that week-long hike. Their sizes also differ; a 10–12 ampere hour device fits into your pocket, while the bigger 15–20 Ah powerbank needs a bag but can charge even a laptop. For the tropical vacationer, I recommend a solar-powered device that ensures your phone doesn’t run out of battery in the middle of sight-seeing.

  1. The phone’s in the bag

Your phone can easily take off from your back pocket or stay behind in coffee shops and terraces. I don’t even want to know how many phones turn up in lost and found after music festivals. Keeping your phone intact is no use if it’s lost. If you feel like your phone has a tendency of getting lost, invest in a phone bag or neck pouch. Another good tip is to use your cell phone armband outside the jog trail – just notice that a sunny day can lead to some interesting tan lines.

  1. Strong signals

During the summer, vacationing in a cabin in the middle of nowhere also means poor cell phone service, and your wireless connection doesn’t necessarily reach the deck. An internet signal booster improves the reach of your service or signal, so you can comfortably make calls and surf the net anywhere, even on the dock.

  1. Cherish your time offline

Although our Telia store is filled with accessories that make using your phone in the summer a breeze, sometimes it’s best to live in the moment and leave your phone in the bag. You have all bleak fall and winter to explore the depths of social media, not to mention your e-mail. Besides, leaving your phone at home is guaranteed to keep it intact.

Anyway, remember your phone is meant to be used. If you protect your phone properly, taking it outside is no problem. Turn your phone into an entertainment center by connecting your Spotify to a speaker and get your summer groove on.

I wish you a warm and sunny summer!

Sanna Viitanen