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Reference cases

More hours in the day for Alfa Laval

When IT Manager Jukka Aalto heard about devices-as-a-service at Telia’s event, the solution struck a chord immediately: “Now we don’t have to waste precious time on maintaining mobile devices.”

Reference cases

Niemelän Auto – ease through Device as a Service model

As the car trade moves more and more from car showrooms to online, a good relationship between the car dealer and the customer becomes even more important. Specialising in new Mercedes-Benz cars, Niemelän Auto needs reliable, well-functioning devices to streamline its customer services, and that’s why the company has adopted Telia’s device-as-a-service model.

Reference cases

Device as a Service makes fixing property damage easier – Polygon Finland Oy

When water damage occurs, reacting fast minimizes harm, reduces residual work, and controls costs. As the expert in dealing with property damage, Polygon Finland’s strengths include handling all reports on-site. Devices need to stay up to speed so that damage control can be initiated as fast as possible.


Owning Things Is So Last Season

You ride the city bike to work, catch an Uber to the party, and stay the night at an Airbnb. Services are a part of our everyday life, but why do we still insist on owning our phones and computers?