Device as a Service makes fixing property damage easier – Polygon Finland Oy

When water damage occurs, reacting fast minimizes harm, reduces residual work, and controls costs. As the expert in dealing with property damage, Polygon Finland’s strengths include handling all reports on-site. Devices need to stay up to speed so that damage control can be initiated as fast as possible.

Mobile devices are important to Polygon, and they have bought their devices as a service from Telia’s subsidiary, Data-Info.

“We handle all communication with Samsung phones and tablets. For example, our clients get our damage report in their e-mail right after our visit. Proper phones and tablets are important, so that our service chain works and stays high-quality”, says the IT manager of Polygon Finland, Marko Alakoski.

According to Alakoski, Polygon chose Samsung devices for their user-friendliness and durability. He has received a lot of positive feedback from the users, especially about the Tab Active2, which fits well in the hand and has an outstandingly accurate pen.

A trusted partner for every day

Polygon has about 300 employees who travel to clients all over Finland. Organising is key with such a large base of employees, and that also applies to purchasing and repairing mobile devices. Alakoski emphasises that device-as-a-service is easy and saves equipment costs.

“Once in a while, a phone or tablet breaks and we need to repair or replace it. By buying the devices as a service, we don’t have to handle these things ourselves. No one needs to spend working hours on scheduling maintenance or purchasing new devices – we can trust that Data-Info handles maintenance and device deliveries for us. Getting a loan device is an excellent addition, so our employees can continue field work even when their phone is being repaired.”

Polygon handles crises for their clients daily, so they don’t need any in their own organisation. That’s why the company has been happy with the service at Data-Info.

“The device-as-a-service concept is well-executed and it makes our everyday life easy, not only in the field but also at the office. The client portal allows us to manage all device purchases from the same place. When a new device has been ordered, the service sends an automatic message to the end user. This makes our internal communication easier, because employees don’t need to inquire about their new devices. Because good customer service is a key value at Polygon, we also demand the same from our partners. We’ve found that in Data-Info”, Alakoski says.