More efficient working days for clients and own personnel

When a company offers and supports better working days as a service, it’d be weird if they didn’t take their own advice. That’s why Blue Meteorite decided to rent their employees’ devices from Telia.

Proper tools make work more efficient. Blue Meteorite not only wants their company’s everyday life to run smoothly – they also offer fast service to their clients, who get their user-friendly intranet in a week. Blue Meteorite’s solution also considers the social aspects of their service, so that the employees of their client companies can easily communicate with each other.

”We’re an internationalizing business and are proudly going forward with our Valo Intranet. It’s been a success in Finland, so we want to offer our concept globally”, says the IT Manager of Blue Meteorite, Tommy Tauriola.

If the people of Blue Meteorite are to focus on making their clients’ life easier, they must do the same themselves. To accomplish this, they rent their devices from Telia. They’ve acquired office computers and phones with a fixed monthly fee, which includes insurance, device registration, and secure recycling. Their rental phone service also includes maintenance and loan devices.

”We’ve used Telia’s service since fall 2016 and have been very happy thus far”, Tauriola says.

”Renting our devices works for us, and getting a loan device when our ones are in repair is convenient. Our employees can contact Telia directly, which has reduced the workload of our IT department”, Tauriola explains.

Our employees can contact Telia directly, which has reduced the workload of our IT department.

He’s especially happy with the comprehensive service.

”When we buy the devices ourselves, we have to spend time on things like guarantees. Old devices need to be appropriately recycled at the end of their lifecycle. They also need to be wiped securely. Because we get all services in one package, we don’t need to handle any of this ourselves.”

The employees at Blue Meteorite often work on the go. When there’s an issue, getting a loan device is convenient, and taking the phone for repair is easy. But then again, with a company full of IT experts, their employees handle many technical difficulties independently.

”I think that the price is also reasonable. As a whole, I can say that Telia’s services have worked well. They’re just the right solution for us”, Tauriola summarizes.