5 tips for working from home when your child is sick

Nothing tests the benefits of cloud services, laptops, and internet connection like your child getting sick. And yes, sometimes it’s best to just stay home and take care of the little one.

Ear infections, the flu, chicken pox – as a mom of three, I’ve seen the kids come down with all kinds of illnesses. Recently we were visited by the oh-so-lovely stomach flu. Leaving your kids alone when they’re sick isn’t an option, but luckily working from home has been made easy – if you keep a couple of things in mind.

1) Working from home is child’s play with the right tools

I swear by tools that I can use to complete tasks efficiently while staying in touch with my team. A fast internet connection and instant messaging software like Skype for Business ensure communication with the office. They won’t even notice I’m not there.

2) When in need, cloud’s the key

Keep all information at hand just in case. Is it just me, or do kids always get sick when you least expect it? Cloud services like Office 365 are lifesavers when working from home. Having all important documents with me in the cloud ensures I can take care of my kid without having to run by the office.

3) Use headphones for peace and quiet

Headphones are a surprisingly necessary tool for remote work, especially when the rest of the family is home as well. Proper headphones block noise and free you to focus on your job, even with a sick kid sniffling on the couch watching cartoons. I’ve also noticed that Skype meetings run more effortlessly when the other person can hear me instead of, say, Paw Patrol.

4) Location, location, location

Staring at the same wall day in and day out doesn’t necessarily do miracles for your creativity. Whenever my kids fall ill, I utilise the day for creative work. I get a reason to clear my calendar for once, so I might as well tap into my stream of consciousness and brainstorm some new ideas.

5) If they need you, forget about work

Working from home might be easy as pie, but some things take priority. A working internet connection or documents in the cloud won’t nurse your children back to health, so if they’re really sick, I suggest leaving work for another day and focusing on what’s really important.