New year, new me

This is a phrase you have probably seen or heard too many times whenever the year changes. Nevertheless, although the phrase is a worn-out cliché, it still has a point. Looking to the future often means finding something to develop in yourself as well as in business. That’s why we at Data-Info rephrased the old saying to the form: “New year, new ways of working.”

At Data-Info, we have three main values leading all our operations: dare, care and simplify. These are values that are closely tied to the concept of personal work. We dare to demand and ask questions, we care about the people who are close to us, and ultimately one could argue that we seek to simplify the tasks and chores in our lives. From my own point of view, these values can also be applied to the way we work.

Dare to challenge the old

To explore new ways of working you have to dare to challenge the existing ones. Sure, existing methods may be comfortable – but are they efficient enough and do they take modern demands into consideration? Lauri Vuorensola (Global IT Product Manager of Neste) stated in our customer reference that employee satisfaction increases when they have the freedom to choose their own devices. So, no more settling for the same device as your co-workers – when you get your devices as a service, everyone can choose exactly the model they want.

Care about people’s well-being

We care about our customers and their end-users, because people make a successful company. Our CEO, Kimmo Sulin, stated this point well in his blog post – a happy employee is a productive employee. This is why we are always trying to find more personal ways of working and thus improve our customers’ ITC well-being.

It all boils down to simplicity

However, it isn’t just a question of providing the right hardware – services are the way of the future as they guarantee ease of use. By offering services, we at Data-Info can help companies find new ways of working. Instead of the IT-department working with this and that, the end-users can contact us directly and get assistance. Buying, using and recycling devices shouldn’t be an issue – it should be fun!

There are many approaches to new ways of working, but I think that the three values listed above combine the main point well. On a practical level, our concept can be implemented as follows:

  • Buy devices as a service and get yourself more personal tools for work, along with all the necessary support whenever needed. Your IT-department will praise you for this!
  • Get your asset manager in our portal. Before, all company devices were managed in spreadsheets, but now you can do everything in one portal. Leave those Excels behind!
  • Manage the device fleet with MDM (Mobile Device Management – lock, wipe or add). This will enable you to use our device management service, which includes, among other things, comprehensive security services.

It has never been easier to create new working solutions that can flexibly adjust to the needs of both individuals and job positions. We at Data-Info are interested in your company’s processes and structures. If you want to have a more detailed discussion about personal work, feel free to look us up and we’ll be happy to tell you more about ICT well-being.